The State of things

One night the telephone rings. My friend Antonio, the only pediatrician of the hospital answers the call. I can see from his expression that something bad has happened. We run to the pediatric department. A very ill child has just arrived. In the small hospital of Nanoro there are not enough equipments to treat himContinue reading “The State of things”


Affittasi means: “for rent” in Italian. Prato is a city in the center-north of Italy. Historically one of the wealthiest cities in the region thanks to its productive textile industries and the hard working mentality of the people. In the last decades, the stronger Asian competition and a disastrous national administration has created a deadContinue reading “Affittasi”

The NightWalkers

At the end of February 2009 I started working on a photo essay about poverty and homelessness in Helsinki. It was very cold and as I am from a Mediterranean climate, it was completely unimaginable that someone was living outside. Somebody told me that there are at least 500 people without a permanent address inContinue reading “The NightWalkers”